Artist portraits

On this page we are featuring artists who discovered Lilly Artis Oilpaints and who use them in their work. We very much appreciate the direct contact with artists and are proud to present some if their works.

Monique Schumacher


Instagramm: @monique_schumacher

Born in The Hague, NL 1957
Austrian roots (mother).

1998 First price Talens talent
1999 Artist in Residence Vienna, Austria
2001 Television Portrait about my work [by Heide Hinze], ORF 1/Austria
2005/2006 Documentary about my work, Television France
Lived in Vienna/Austria, Tuscany/Italy and The Netherlands.



Sascha Karschner



Sascha Karschner was born in Eisenach in Thuringia in 1978 and now lives and works in Starnberg. He came to painting very late at the age of 32. As a purely autodidact, he taught himself to paint through books and the study of his role models from history such as John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and others. Books and videos by living masters were also helpful. Sascha Karschner primarily paints portraits and landscapes. Seldom also still lifes and nudes. The paintings are usually created "Alla Prima", in one session. He never paints from photo references, only from living models and Plein Air.
In addition to the quality, he appreciates the direct contact to the manufacturer of Lilly oil paints.



Mike Büchel

In his early teens he was interested in art and culture, but only after many years did he move to the Faculdade de bellas artes, a branch of painting in Xalapa, Mexico, as a jeweler, goldsmith and tattoo artist.
The study was terminated early and after two years without a teacher Büchel Mike was taken in by the American and Asian painter Yim Mau Kun and taught in his studio in the classical painting. Masterclasses with recognized contemporary painters like Robert Liberace or Theresa Oaxaca followed.



Brad Teare

Brad Teare

Brad Teare began his art career working for the New York Times and United Features Syndicate. He has illustrated books by James Michener and Ann Tyler and has illustrated covers for authors such as Allan Gurganus, Fritz Lieber, and Rafael Yglesias.

In addition to illustration, he has had exhibitions at the Forbes Galleries (in New York City) as well as exhibits at the American Embassy in Poland and The Parsons School of Design in Paris, France.

He publishes a very well known and widely distributed "Thick Paint" Blog in which he also reviewed Lilly Oilpaints



Barry John Raybould

Barry John Raybould, M.A. (Cantab), is an award-winning professional artist who works primarily with oil paints. His work is a contemporary fusion of Impressionist and Expressionist styles that integrate color, design and brushwork, conveying a strong sense of mood and emotion.
He is the author of a regular painting column for International Artist Magazine, one of the largest and most renowned art education magazines in the world. He has taught over 5,000 artists through his Virtual Art Academy: a program of structured online painting lessons.

The Optimal color palette (G was developed in collaboration with Barry.



Thomas Beecht 


Thomas was born in 1962 in Marburg.
Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Prof. Page and stays each year in the South of France for plein air painting 

Most important facts

• 1996 portrait painting (eg Landgrave Moritz of Hesse, Hessian House Foundation Collection, Wolf Castle Garden, Langen)
• 1998 study of mountain painting
• In 1999, purchase of various mountain pictures by the Alpine Museum Munich
• 2000 Order and purchase of the painting „Nanga Parbat“ by Reinhold Messner – 10 more acquisitions for the various locations of the Messner Mountain Museums
• 2012 large-scale mountain-forest and river scenery




Wilfried König


Works as an artist since the midd eighties.
Art teacher and leads workshops since 1998.

Potrait Image



Martin Juen


Independent artist since 1989.
"Painting is my life. There is no day in which I dont grab my brushes and paints to delve in the world of art.Interior design , sacral and facade painting

Sacred work


Andreas Weiermann

AndreasWeiermann1   AndreasWeiermann2

Andreas Weiermann is full time mathematician and self-taught artist.
In 2015 he joined the group of artists Art@DePinte.
His main interest is currently landscape painting while fascinated especially by 
the interplay of impressionistic and expressionistic aspects.
He prefers to use strong colors and thereby Lilly colors supports him with their brilliance and high pigment content.