ArtistKobaltCoelinLilly Artist Oilpaints

are made ​​from the purest and finest ingredients. The intense pigment content ensures maximum color strength and saturation.

These colors are especially for artists who appreciate the individual qualities of the pigments used and who want to be in absolute control of their colors.

Lilly Oil Artist Paints are available in 76 single pigment colors.

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Product no.: 2004

Virtual Art Academy® GOSP Palette

Together with Barry John Raybould, creator of the Virtual Art Academy Apprentice Program we created the Virtual Art Academy® GOSP Palette. 


Most manufacturers paint ranges have a large number of colors that are created from a mixture of two and sometimes more different pigments.
However we have discovered that by using single pigment paints there are two key benefits:

  1. You can carry less paints with you when you travel, since you can easily mix many common colors from just two individual pigments
  2. Some single pigment colors are impossible to mix by using paints that contain more than one pigment. This means a single-pigment palette will have a much wider gamut (range of colors you can mix).

For this reason, we invented a new name for a palette that contains only single pigment colors and that lets you mix the widest possible range of colors: the GOSP (Gamut Optimized Single Pigment Palette)


​​​See here some videos on how to mix the colors...

The palette contains 15 tubes a' 40 ml and one 140 ml Titaniumwhite tube in finest handmade artist qualtiy oilpaint.

Instead of €160,60 compared to the single tube prices, you receive the complette pallete for only €149,00 with free delivery.


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Product no.: 2002
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