Lilly Artist Oilpaints

are made ​​from the purest and finest ingredients. The intense pigment content ensures maximum color strength and saturation.

These colors are especially for artists who appreciate the individual qualities of the pigments used and who want to be in absolute control of their colors.

Lilly Oil Artist Paints are available in 76 single pigment colors.



Rote Ölfarben








The Optimal Plein-Air Palette

Product no.: 2004

Created in partnership with the Virtual Art Academy® with focus on plein-air painting.

Get the widest possible range of colors using the fewest tubes of paint.

Created in partnership with renowned artist Barry John Raybould, this high-quality, handmade set of oils can save you money and space.

Learn about and buy The Optimal Plein-Air Palette here.



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Oilpaint set 6-tubes 40 ml

Product no.: 2002
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